Find Your Transformation

Your Unparalleled Plastic Surgery Experience

Find Your Transformation
Your Unparalleled Plastic Surgery Experience

You made the decision, you’ve had the procedures…now it’s time to recover and await the results of your Mommy Makeover. Adhering to needed recovery is crucial for the outcome of your surgery.*

The downtime from the surgery will generally last between two to three weeks – and you need to take that time to fully recover. It’s extremely important not to force yourself back into that full-time, unpaid job of being mom too soon. If you do, you can definitely damage your results, have a lot more pain, and cause some long-term complications. The breast implants can move and shift around; you can stretch and/or tear the repair, especially with a tummy tuck, or cause the implant to come barreling out. Nothing you want to happen!

The following are some of my top recommendations for a successful recovery:

  • Along with arranging for childcare and household care, you will need some assistance of your own during the recovery period. That’s a reality you need to plan for carefully. A lot of my patients arrange to do their Mommy Makeover during a slow time at work for them (or their husbands). I operate on a lot of teachers over the summer or the holiday break, for example.
  • I often work with couples where the spouse arranges to take a few days off to help out. That’s why we do a lot of surgeries on Tuesday or Wednesday—the spouse takes a few vacation days and can also be home to help through the weekend. Especially during the first days of your recovery period, you need an adult nearby to help you with things like getting out of bed, going to the bathroom, and getting dressed.
  • If you’ve had a tummy tuck, for instance, one of the challenges is getting in and out of bed properly. We teach you how to do it so you don’t strain, but having some help is still very important.
  • If you’ve had breast work done, your chest muscles will be sore and you won’t want to use them much. You might also have a drain in place in your abdomen or chest for a few days. That takes a little management.
  • After surgery, you’ll also be wearing a surgical garment to hold things tightly in place. Getting that on and off is a bit of a challenge at first—you’ll want to have someone help you.
  • While you’re recovering, you can’t lift anything heavy, including a baby or toddler. You also won’t be all that quick on your feet, so you’ll have trouble running after the kids.
  •  While you’re taking pain medications, you’re not allowed to drive; once you’re off the meds, driving may still be mildly uncomfortable for a while. If you do any of these things, you might hurt. I often tell patients that these are reminders saying, “Okay, I shouldn’t be doing this. I need to slow it down.”
  • Hiring a private nurse just to take care of you isn’t a bad idea if you aren’t able to have your spouse around to help.  Even if you do this and find yourself needing additional help, see that you have those who you trust and can feel vulnerable around.

The most important advice I give patients is to prepare, anticipate, and plan for the recovery. If you do, you won’t be as frustrated and things will go smoothly. 

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