With the Solar Eclipse fast approaching, many are excited for this once-in-a-lifetime event. People are learning as much as they can about this phenomenon, buying special viewing glasses, and making arrangements so this will be an enjoyable and memorable event. Below are 5 lessons the solar eclipse can teach about breast augmentation in Nashville TN.

  1. Don’t let your large your Nashville TN breast implants act like an Eclipse

Before we get too far into this article, let’s get the jokes about large breast implants eclipsing our vision and how too large breasts can cause blindness and all that out of the way. However, when we look at this on a more serious note, some of these puns might actually be decent advice.

Just like staring at the eclipse for too long can damage your eyes, looking at enormously oversized implants can “hurt” our vision as well. When breast implants are too big for your body, they look ridiculously unnatural and damage your overall result. This type of “totality” (where all one notices are your breasts) may be just like the solar eclipse…short-lived and anticlimactic. You may enjoy the exaggerated results initially, but over time the excitement of it wears thin. While the solar eclipse will be a sight to see, it is definitely not how we want our normal days to be spent. Same can be said with oversized breast implants.

  1. Do Your Homework on breast augmentation surgery in Nashville, TN

When news of the solar eclipse was first released, special preparation began in earnest. Many began reading up on the subject and learned as much as there is to know about (including your Nashville, TN, plastic surgeon). Recently, a nurse in the operating room informed me about the NASA map where you can plug in your address and learn about the exact best time to view the eclipse. Special eclipse viewing glasses have been flying off the shelves as people ready themselves for the big event. The same is applicable when undergoing breast augmentation surgery in Nashville special preparation must be made.

It is advisable to do your homework, speak with your Nashville plastic surgeon, and learn all you can before undergoing your procedure. That includes researching your choices of implant types, shapes and sizes, visualizing anticipated results with before and after pictures, and meeting with surgeons. Just like many wouldn’t use anything but the NASA-approved viewing glasses, you wouldn’t want to trust your breasts to anybody but a board-certified Nashville, TN, plastic surgeon. Research can easily be performed by visiting websites like ours (www.musiccityplasticsurgery.com), talking with others who have personal experience undergoing breast augmentations and/or reading special reports or books on the subject, like our #1 Amazon Best seller: The Mommy Makeover: Restoring Your Body After Childbirth. We encourage all our potential patients to thoroughly do their homework.

  1. Logistical Preparation is a Must

Aside from the intellectual preparation needed, many will need to do logistical prep work as well. People have made special arrangements to be off from work to view the eclipse. You and/or your significant other might need to do the same for surgery. Obviously, if you don’t show up, you won’t have the surgery. But, it is also important to have someone available to help take care of you as you recover. This might mean logistics of scheduling time off from work, arranging childcare, scheduling meals in advance, or all of the above. A little prep work ahead of time is recommended from your award-winning plastic surgeon in Nashville, TN in order to prevent large logistical headaches after the fact.

2017 Solar Eclipse

  1. Special Instruments Are Needed

I mentioned above the special viewing glasses recommended to see the eclipse without damaging your eyes. Thankfully, with breast augmentation surgery, you won’t be responsible for obtaining the specialized instruments needed. But the lesson here is an important one.  Only choose a surgeon who uses appropriate, FDA-approved breast implants and not some plastic bag filled with canola oil (you’d be surprised what can pass for breast implants in unregulated tourists areas). Just like viewing the eclipse without the recommended glasses can lead to long-term damage, so too can accepting lesser quality materials being placed inside your body during breast augmentation surgery.

  1. Once in a Lifetime Event

Many tout this solar eclipse as a once-in-a-lifetime event, but in all reality, many variables exist in our lives and we don’t really know if that’s accurate or not. My young children may experience another when they are older, or they may not. Also, I just heard about a scientist who predicted three more eclipses in the next several years. The same may be true for breast augmentation surgery. While the idea of needing to replace breast implants every 10-15 years is only really applicable in lesser-used saline implants, the idea that one will never have to undergo breast surgery in her life is unpredictable. Many variables with the individual patient, like pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, as well as others outside our immediate control like fashion trends exist to influence an individual’s desire to change her size and shape of her breasts. That being said, the current breast implants are manufactured with the idea that many women will NOT undergo additional breast surgery.

  1. Bonus: Viewing party may be fun.

Ok so we started with the jokes and we’ll end with the jokes. But the underlying message is still applicable: enjoy the results. While you may not have the full-blown breast augmentation viewing party like many are doing for the eclipse (although you’d be surprised how many like to show them off after their surgery), since this is an elective surgery, I do encourage all of my patients to take some time to enjoy their results. This may mean something as simple as buying a new bra or a bathing suit, or a special shirt that has been inappropriate or out of reach for many years. Or it may be something as extensive as a special trip to the beach or even a private viewing party with your significant other so as to enjoy the additional attention garnered because of the surgery.

Either way, by following the six lessons learned above by the solar eclipse, your breast augmentation with Nashville’s award-winning plastic surgeon can be successful and as life changing an event as this much anticipated celestial event of 2017.  If you desire further, out-of-this-world advice on breast augmentation in Nashville, TN, contact my office. If all the stars are aligning in your world and you are ready to move forward with surgery, schedule your private consultation.


"The staff and Dr. Burgdorf are very professional and the facility is clean, comfortable and discreet." - Nikki B. nikki 5 star review
"Dr. Burgdorf and his staff are absolutely amazing. I have never felt more comfortable with any doctor, than I am with Dr. Burgdorf." - Chelsea A. chelsea 5 star review
"Dr. Burgdorf and all his staff are amazing! I had filler in my face for the first time, needless to say I was very nervous! They took such good care of me and I know spent extra time and I look amazing! Thanks so much and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!" - Dottie D. dottie 5 star review
"Dr. Burgdorf, Aimee, and Lindsay are the most fun, welcoming, and knowledgeable staff I have ever encountered in my life!! All the results are so natural, they treat everyone like a top priority and it means a lot!" - Freeman F. freeman 5 star review
"Wonderful Wonderful Surgeon! wonderful staff and follow up. I am coming up on 5 years post surgery and still get compliments to this day. Best decision I have made! Dr. Burgdorf is the best!" - Tracey H.
"I love them! Dr. Burgdorf is very sweet and a true professional! YOU MUST ALSO READ his BOOK, The Mommy Makeover! I met Aimee and she is fabulous. I had a hyrdrofacial and was very happy! I can not wait to do it again! They are friendly and very helpful!" - Eva R. eva 5 star review
"The staff and Dr. Burgdorf are very professional and the facility is clean, comfortable and discreet." - Nikki B. nikki b 5 star review
"Dr. Burgdorf and his staff are absolutely amazing. I have never felt more comfortable with any doctor, than I am with Dr. Burgdorf." - Chelsea A. chelsea a 5 star review

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