Breast augmentation can create rounder, fuller breasts that are more proportionate to the patient’s overall physique. Women who undergo the surgery with Dr. Burgdorf in Nashville, TN, report increased self-confidence, a wider array of clothing choices, and a more youthful, inviting appearance.

Why Choose Music City Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Burgdorf adheres to the highest standards of safety and care, creating a “family-style culture” of inclusion, compassion, and empowerment. He understands the connection between feeling confident in one’s appearance and creating harmonious, lasting relationships with others and seeks to deliver transformative, natural-looking results for every aesthetic procedure. Dr. Burgdorf has a strong commitment to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to recent technological advances, and he continuously introduces new, cutting-edge solutions that minimize discomfort, reduce downtime, and take self-care to the next level.

Music City Plastic Surgery provides access to best-in-class technology and equipment housed in a brand-new 12,000-square-foot clinic and surgery center. Patients can be treated in one of nine state-of-the-art exam rooms, creating a seamless, stress-free experience with no wait time. Despite the practice size, however, Music City Plastic Surgery maintains a boutique atmosphere where each patient receives one-on-one attention and a personalized, detailed treatment plan. Small human touches such as soft slippers and a spa-like robe create a home away from home for Nashville patients.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure to create the ideal breast shape and size using custom implants. Life changes such as pregnancy, aging, or significant weight loss can alter the breast silhouette, compromising a youthful physique and making it difficult to enjoy wearing many tops, dresses, and swimsuits. Dr. Burgdorf is an outstanding plastic surgeon dedicated to providing natural-looking results for breast augmentation in Nashville. He uses implants that are proportional and symmetrical to the rest of the body. After breast implant surgery, your breasts will appear more shapely and full. Improving the contour of your breasts can help improve your self-esteem.

Patients opt for breast augmentation (a "boob job") for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • To increase the cup size of their breasts
  • To achieve a better fit in clothing
  • To correct volume loss after pregnancy
  • To correct breast imbalance or asymmetry
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Choosing the Right Breast Implants

During your consultation with our plastic surgeon Dr. Burgdorf, he will assist you in choosing from the various types of saline and silicone gel breast implants. At Music City Plastic Surgery, we combine the use of an objective breast measuring system with your subjective aesthetic goals to help you achieve your desired breast enhancement results. To this end, you will be invited to try on a patented implant Volume Sizing System to get a realistic idea of how you will look with your new enhancement.

5-Star Assessment & 6-String Sizing System

Dr. Burgdorf uses a complex artistic system to size your breast augmentation in Nashville perfectly. By combining subjective desires with objective measurements, Dr. Burgdorf can match the vision in your head with the results in the mirror. His 5-Star Assessment complements his 6-String Sizing Assessment to offer you arguably the best breast augmentation Nashville can lay claim to.

Graphic of the 5 Star Sizing System

Watch the Above Video to Hear From One of Our Happy Patients

Learn More About Breast Implants from Dr. Burgdorf

I had a wonderful experience going to Music City Plastic Surgery. All of the staff are super friendly, and nice and make you feel very comfortable. Dr. Burgdorf did an amazing job on my breast augmentation and I wish I would have done it many years ago! They are exactly what I wanted and couldn’t be happier with my results and the ease of the entire process. Super thankful!

Chelsea Inman

Cost of Breast Surgery

Music City Plastic Surgery provides all-inclusive surgical quotes for breast surgery procedures. These include estimates for anesthesia fees, operating room fees, surgeon fees, fees related to the specific implants chosen, and any other post-surgical garments or scar therapy treatments. We offer a number of financing options so that cost does not have to stand in the way of achieving your ideal vision for your figure.

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Nashville Natural™ Results

Many of our patients choose to create a look that can be pleasing in a variety of situations. Dr. Burgdorf considers a breast augmentation in Nashville a success when people view his patients and question, “Did she or didn’t she?” At Music City Plastic Surgery, we provide our patented Nashville Natural Breast Augmentation™ to help achieve authentic beauty. While Nashville is commonly called Nash-Vegas, this nickname does NOT reflect the results you can expect at Music City Plastic Surgery. Dr. Burgdorf has heard countless patients describe their desired look as perky and enhanced, but still natural-looking.

The kind that can be “dressed up” or “dressed down” depending upon the occasion. In the normal day-to-day, the appearance is not so obvious or in your face, that the person disappears behind the breast. But when that patient decides to further accentuate her appearance, she can do so by confidently unbuttoning her blouse slightly to expose a bit of her cleavage. In this scenario, the clothes can either dress up or dress down the Nashville Natural™ result of her expert breast augmentation performed by Dr. Burgdorf.

Who is an Ideal Candidate?

Dr. Burgdorf carefully considers each patient’s candidacy to ensure a safe and successful procedure. Through a detailed discussion of the patient’s goals and wishes, an in-depth physical evaluation, and a thorough medical history review, Dr. Burgdorf is thus able to craft a unique treatment plan. He employs a proprietary implant sizing system, allowing patients to determine their ideal cup size so that their outcome is aligned with their expectations. Patients will need to quit smoking before and after surgery, as smoking can seriously interfere with the healing process and invite complications. Dr. Burgdorf empowers patients with education and information about the longevity of their devices and the risks of surgery (animation deformity, asymmetry, displacement, etc.). Patients leave the consultation process feeling confident in their own decision-making abilities and with a clear idea of what they can expect before, during, and after their breast augmentation.

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Award-Winning Nashville Plastic Surgeon

Known as one of the best breast surgeons in Nashville, Dr. Burgdorf performs all breast augmentation procedures with the utmost attentiveness and dedication. This approach has helped him become renowned as a leading aesthetic authority in the region.

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Schedule Your Consultation in Nashville, TN

Come experience Music City Plastic Surgery and let us help you Build Your Beautiful! Whichever procedure you seek, our Nashville Natural™ approach will allow your inner beauty to shine through while we refine and enhance your appearance. Discover the Dr. Burgdorf difference and get ready for an unparalleled plastic surgery experience!

You can schedule your in-person or virtual consultation with Dr. Burgdorf today by calling 1-615-205-5155. During this initial meeting, Dr. Burgdorf will take the time to listen to your needs, answer all your questions regarding your unique aesthetic goals, and ensure that you are comfortable and confident with your treatment plan. We look forward to meeting you!

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Can breast augmentation be combined with other procedures?

What will recovery entail?

Can breast augmentation be combined with other procedures?

Yes! Dr. Burgdorf often pairs breast augmentation with breast lift surgery to address both the breast size and sagging skin with downward-facing nipples. Breast enhancement can also be combined with liposuction in the abdomen, flanks, or bra strap area. Many women choose to undergo labiaplasty with their breast augmentation to comprehensively enhance the figure, improve comfort, and boost self-confidence.

What will recovery entail?

Dr. Burgdorf’s patients enjoy a seamless recovery process with minimal discomfort, thanks to his state-of-the-art techniques and conservative approach. The doctor will provide detailed, personalized instructions for recuperation along with prescription pain medications and a custom-fitted compression garment to minimize swelling. Dr. Burgdorf believes in an extensive follow-up process. He will see patients at 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year post-op.

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