While conventional oral absorption of nutrients tends to yield results slowly, IV supplementation can provide rapid improvements. Using fluids, vitamins, electrolytes, and minerals to fortify the immune system, fight inflammation, and optimize the body’s overall well-being, IV therapy has quickly become a go-to treatment choice for many health-conscious patients in and beyond Nashville, TN. Our unique IV/numbing room allows you to experience IV therapy in an upscale, comfortable, and dedicated environment. At Music City Plastic Surgery, IV therapy is available for special events, including Bachelorette parties or Mother’s Day brunches. Our spacious IV/numbing room can easily seat four patients at the same time, so you can enjoy our services with those closest to you.

Why Choose Music City Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Michael R. Burgdorf is an award-winning Gentleman Plastic Surgeon who is passionate about remaining ahead of the curve when it comes to introducing new, advanced treatment modalities to his patients. His family-first, caring demeanor and extensive skill, artistry, and expertise combine to provide patients with a one-of-a-kind experience in a cutting-edge practice environment. Dr. Burgdorf knows how to answer the unasked questions, empowering patients through honest information that allows them to make the best choices for their ultimate success, safety, and satisfaction.

Music City Plastic Surgery is home to a stunning and immaculate 12,000-square-foot clinic and surgery center equipped with world-class technology. From our chic and comfortable decor to our 9 climate-controlled exam rooms, patients enjoy expedited service with optimized privacy and convenience. Unlike at a crowded, busy hospital, patient safety is maximized through strict adherence to the most stringent protocols, a limited number of patients seen at any given time, and personalized, one-on-one attention throughout your journey.

What is IV Therapy?

IV therapy is a fast, efficient way to deliver vitamins, nutrients, and hydration to your body. If you are fatigued, suffer from dry skin, or are recovering from a hangover, IV therapy can help! Music City Plastic Surgery offers the following IV solutions.


This therapy reduces the duration and severity of illness and builds your immune system. It uses a high dose of Vitamin C, B-Complex, and Zinc.

    Inner Beauty

    Bring out your inner beauty! This IV fortifies your nails and hair and promotes glowing, bright skin. Inner Beauty therapy includes a high dose of Vitamin C, B-Complex, and Biotin.

    Hangover Recovery

    This therapy includes anti-nausea and pain relief medication. It reduces fatigue, restores essential vitamins, and rehydrates you.

    Basic Hydration

    This solution uses electrolyte fluids that can be combined with IV boosters, including:

    • Anti-nausea booster
    • Pain relief booster
    • Vitamin C booster
    • B-Complex booster
    • B-12 injections

    Recovery and Performance

    With a high dose of Vitamin C, B-Complex, amino acids, and mineral blends, our Recovery and Performance IV Therapy increases metabolism, enhances athletic performance and reduces inflammation.

    Let us help you bring your inner beauty to the outside and hydrate your body with IV therapy!

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    What Are the Benefits of IV Therapy?

    • Reduces inflammation
    • Optimizes the immune system
    • Promotes weight loss
    • Combats symptoms of a hangover
    • Corrects nutritional deficiencies
    • Clears the body of free radicals and toxins
    • Boosts energy and stamina
    • Aids in recovery after surgery or injury
    • Enhances cardiovascular health
    • Calms anxiety and reduces stress

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