The truth is, men can suffer from large breasts ("man boobs") as well, and as many as 60% of men worldwide have been estimated as experiencing some form of gynecomastia, aka enlarged breasts. Our expert plastic surgeon Dr. Michael R. Burgdorf offers surgery for gynecomastia in Nashville, TN, for men.

Why Choose Us for Male Breast Reduction in Nashville, TN?

Award-winning plastic surgeon Dr. Burgdorf literally wrote the book on male body contouring. His best-selling title, The Daddy Do‐Over: Boost Your Confidence in the Boardroom and the Bedroom, has helped thousands of men reclaim their self-image and quality of life. Dr. Burgdorf’s friendly, down-to-earth demeanor instantly sets patients at ease. He empowers each individual to be a full participant in their aesthetic journey, educating them on their options and choices to ensure a successful and lasting outcome.

Music City Plastic Surgery is housed in a state-of-the-art 12,000-square-foot facility outfitted with the latest in cutting-edge technology and equipment. Our 9 comfort-enhanced exam rooms mean no patient is ever made to wait before their appointment. Safety is optimized at our immaculate surgical center, as we avoid the rampant cross-contamination found at many busy, crowded hospitals. Despite the spaciousness of the practice, a boutique atmosphere prevails, where every patient experiences one-on-one attention.

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What is Gynecomastia Treatment?

If you feel uncomfortable because you have excessive breast tissue on one side or both sides, then Dr. Michael Burgdorf may be able to help. In fact, gynecomastia surgery is one of the top procedures Dr. Burgdorf performs at his office. He is board-certified in plastic surgery and has extensive training in both male breast surgery and female breast surgery. If you still have significant and problematic breast enlargement despite a healthy lifestyle, then male breast reduction could be the solution for you.

Types of Male Breast Surgery


Dr. Burgdorf may use direct excision to remove the fibrous breast gland tissue and restore a flatter, more chiseled chest appearance that is conventionally masculine. This approach can be used when the areola or nipple needs to be repositioned. Incision patterns will be chosen according to your unique goals and anatomy.


In situations where gynecomastia can be addressed through the simple removal of excess fatty tissue, liposuction can be employed on its own to smooth and sculpt the chest. A slender tube called a cannula is inserted through small incisions, and the fat is suctioned out and discarded.


As a rule, revision procedures involve advanced skills and an evolved sense of artistry. Dr. Burgdorf can correct asymmetry, reduce scarring, and improve the overall results of a previously performed gynecomastia correction procedure.

Free Nipple Grafting

Free nipple grafting allows Dr. Burgdorf to avoid a telltale vertical scar stretching down to the bottom of the breast that is common with the anchor incision pattern. In the past, this scar was necessary for treating more severe cases of gynecomastia. Free nipple grafting produces balanced, symmetrical results with well-concealed incisions.

Male breast reduction procedures can be performed with or without additionally reducing the size of your areola, the pigmented skin that surrounds your nipple. Our goal is to help you achieve a body that you are comfortable and happy with.

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Learn More About Gynecomastia in Nashville, TN, Today

Come be a part of our discreet and private experience at Music City Plastic Surgery. Whichever procedure you seek, our Nashville Natural™ approach will allow you to improve your appearance without the over-done look. Discover the Dr. Burgdorf difference and get ready for an unparalleled plastic surgery experience! You can schedule your consultation with Dr. Burgdorf today by calling 1-615-205-5155.

You may also click here to schedule your in-person or virtual consultation. During your consultation, Dr. Burgdorf will take the time to listen to your needs, answer all your questions regarding your unique aesthetic goals, and ensure that you are comfortable and confident with your treatment plan. We look forward to meeting you!

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Whether you’re a mom or a dad, Dr. Burgdorf is here to educate you on what extraordinary plastic surgery can do for your self‐confidence and overall quality of life. You deserve the best care and we are here whenever you are ready to get started!

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