Mrs Claus Inquires About A Mommy Makeover

At the risk of getting put on the naughty list, I wanted to ponder a question. What if Mrs. Claus requested a Mommy Makeover?  What would she desire? What would she need? Would Santa Approve?

Naughty Or Nice List?

The way I look at it, this might actually get me on the extra nice list. It might be fun for Santa Claus to have someone else play “him” for a change and give his wife something she desires and definitely deserves.

The first thing I would do, which I do for any of my patients considering a mommy makeover, would be to hand her a signed copy of my #1 Amazon Best Selling book The Mommy Makeover: Restoring Your Body After Childbirth. Then I would delve into her desires. As a mother of over 100 elves, I’m sure there are areas she would like to have “fixed up a bit”.

She’s Just Like Any Mom, Except Santa Is Her Husband

From the pictures I’ve seen, it seems like she covers up her chest and belly with a nice big fluffy red overcoat. If she’s like any other mom, I’m sure she’s got some droop and deflation to her breasts after all the breastfeeding. I would offer her a breast lift with augmentation and help them sit up a little perkier.

Most of the depictions of Mrs. Claus show her baking some cookies. Now, who can resist the temptation of freshly baked cookies? My assumption is that Mrs. Claus is not above that either and she probably has some extra fat she would like to get rid of. My guess is that this fat sits above her  abdominal muscles (known as external fat), in addition to some internal/visceral fat around her midsection. I do imagine her midline is stretched out from carrying all those elves over the years. I would offer her a tummy tuck with a midline tightening/plication of the fibrous connective tissue in her midsection. Liposuction of her love handles would probably round out her Mommy Makeover and allow her to change her shape from more of a snowman to that of a North Pole Queen.

No Mommy Makeover is complete without addressing the face. The first thing I would mandate is some broad spectrum sunscreen coverage to protect against those UV rays she’s exposed to at the North Pole.  For her windblown complexion, I would get her skin back to the basics with a GSR (getting skin ready) kit by the ZO skin care line and encourage some hydration with a series of hydra facial treatments.  If she is ready to turn back the hands of time, we might consider a facelift for Santa’s beautiful wife.

Mommy Makeover: The Present That Keeps On Giving

With all the above treatments completed this winter, Mrs. Claus would experience the present of restored youthfulness that both her and her hubby Santa would enjoy for many Christmases to come.

Merry Christmas!

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