tummypinchteaserOne of the top procedures our Nashville Plastic Surgery practice receives calls about is tummy tuck surgery. Many patients who are interested in a Nashville Tummy Tuck inquire about whether the surgery will help them to lose weight.

For optimal results, a patient considering a Tummy Tuck will be between 10% and 20% of their ideal body weight. The closer a patient can get to this ideal body weight, the better the result will be. We often have patients who desire to lose weight before surgery and want to know how much they should lose prior to surgery, or if losing weight after surgery will affect the result. However, not meeting this recommended criteria does not exclude you from being a candidate for tummy tuck surgery.

In a study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, patients who had a tummy tuck were seen to maintain weight loss above and beyond the amount of tissue that was resected during surgery. The study found that lasting weight loss was more prominent in those who were overweight or obese before having a tummy tuck. This refers to patients who had a BMI of 24.5 or higher. These patients had maintained their weight loss at one year and had a greater amount of tissue removed during surgery than those who did not report lasting weight loss.


The study cites a possible “neuroendocrine mechanism” could be responsible for the sustained and long-lasting weight loss reported by the patients in the study. The researchers state that removing fat cells from the abdomen could reduce the levels of hormones that contribute to appetite.  Three-fourths of the patients reported feeling more satisfied after eating and throughout the day than before their tummy tuck. This study provides preliminary evidence that abdominoplasty could lead to lasting weight loss, especially for patients who are overweight or obese before abdominoplasty. The researchers report that “Satiety appears to be a prominent contributing factor, as does the amount of fat resected.”

A tummy tuck is not intended to be viewed as a weight loss surgery. A tummy tuck produces the best results when used as a “finishing touch” after weight loss or to restore the contours of the abdomen after pregnancy and childbirth.

Additionally, it is possible to “eat through” tummy tuck results after surgery. When excess skin and fat are removed, it is likely that if a tummy tuck patient gains weight after surgery, it will likely deposit in other areas before the abdomen. However, a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise are essential to maintaining the results of your tummy tuck