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Golf CourseThe Masters tournament held at Augusta National Golf Club, is one of the most famous tournaments in all of sports. Music City Plastic Surgery is the esteemed practice of board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael R. Burgdorf. So, what in the world does a Nashville plastic surgery practice have to do with a golf tournament? Having just arrived back from a bucket-list trip to the 2016 Masters Tournament this past weekend, I can tell you. Plenty…

It’s all about the experience.

Directly from the Masters website are the objectives “to provide a first class golf course in as beautiful and nearly perfect condition as effort can make it; and, secondly, to show our player guests every possible courtesy.”
At Music City Plastic Surgery, our motto is “An Unparalleled Plastic Surgery Experience”.

These two statements line up pretty nicely, like a putt about to drop in the cup from 3 feet away. The scenery/decor is very important and so is the experience. You will find this both out on the golf course at Augusta National and inside the walls of Music City Plastic Surgery. The fairways are so manicured that they rival some greens at other clubs.  In designing my practice, I wanted to avoid the stark, sterile nature of a typical doctors’ office and, instead, create a soft soothing environment where one can be comfortable and put at ease.

Attention to Detail

I noticed no trash on the course, not even a single candy wrapper or a cigarette butt lying on the ground. The grounds were manicured better than my wife’s fingernails. At Music City Plastic Surgery, this attention to detail is critical; millimeters matter. During your consultation, you’ll notice that I take objective measurements, use pictures and combine them with your subjective desires in order to deliver the precise results you envision.

The staff is excellent

Everywhere I went at The Masters, I was greeted with a  cheerful smile and a “Welcome to The Masters”. At one point, in trying to reach hole no.7, we took a wrong turn. Instead of pointing me in the direction or handing me a map, I was escorted to the area I desired. The same attention to your experience will be had at Music City Plastic Surgery. I am confident in saying that we have the very best staff in all of Nashville, if not in the country. That is because they care about our patients and their experience. I have had countless patients who return to the office just to see a specific staff member because she made that patient feel so welcomed during her time here.

Respect among the patrons

Another thing I noticed out at The Masters and within the walls at Music City Plastic Surgery is the respect and level of sophistication of its guests.  While walking along with thousands of people, I remarked how quiet everyone was. It was significantly more peaceful than life at my house with only my four children. Similarly, I love coming to work and being amongst the greatest patients a doctor can ask for. We don’t have to worry about loud voices, cell phone interruptions, or the constant texting during the appointments that some of my colleagues have complained about. There is just something about the patient population here that is a bit above all that nonsense. And I so appreciate that.

People want to have the experience.

Like I said earlier, a trip to The Masters was on my bucket list. It is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Part of the reason for this involves hearing other people’s stories of their visits there. The same can be said of Music City Plastic Surgery in the sense that, often, they are sent over by previous patients. Many of our patients have thought about plastic surgery or a specific procedure for a certain length of time. When they hear about the positive experiences from someone who has made their journey with us, they are encouraged to come see for themselves.  And, just like hearing about a trip to The Masters pales in comparison to actually experiencing it yourself, the same can be said for actually going through with your own surgery when comparing it to the results of your friends.

So, while I may never be mistaken for being a professional golfer, or even a very good amateur, I believe our practice at Music City Plastic Surgery is right on par with the experience of The Masters Golf Tournament. (Pun intended, wink wink)

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