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Music City Plastic Surgery is pleased to now offer the very latest in breast implant technology from Mentor, the worldwide industry leader. MemoryGel Xtra Breast Implants in Nashville use Mentor’s patented, “next generation” silicone gel clinically proven to be safe and reliable.
memorygel xtra breast implants in nashville

Patients Love the MemoryGel Xtra Breast Implants in Nashville Difference

You may have heard of implants that use Mentor’s revolutionary silicone gel described as “gummy bear” implants because of its highly “cohesive” nature. This term specifically refers to the silicone gel’s unique ability to retain a stable shape over time, similar to the smooth, firm texture of the iconic gummy shaped candies. 

Both patients and practitioners prefer MemoryGel implants because these properties most closely match the look and feel of natural breast tissue. 

breast implants nashville tnElevated Fullness & Projection with MemoryGel Xtra Breast Implants

In the past, the option for women who wanted more upper breast volume for enhanced cleavage was to simply use a bigger overall size implant. However, Dr. Burgdorf recognizes that many of his patients seeking breast augmentation do not necessarily want the heavy, oversized look of yesterday’s “watermelon” type implants. The engineered design of MemoryGel Xtra implants features the ability to project the upper breast with higher fill volume – while maintaining a smaller diameter at the base of the implant to more closely fit the patient’s chest wall. 

The extraordinary properties of Mentor’s patented MemoryGel Xtra allow for the well-proportioned, natural looking shapes and “perk” that women want for breast augmentation or reconstruction. In addition, MemoryGel Xtra breast implants in Nashville are available with two options to suit your personal preference: moderate plus and high profile.

Perk Up Your Life with MemoryGel Xtra Breast Implants from Music City Plastic Surgery in Nashville,TNmusic city plastic surgery in nashville tn

When you are ready to learn more about the cosmetic breast procedures offered at Music City Plastic Surgery, we invite you to schedule your personalized consultation with Dr. Burgdorf by calling 615.567.7586.

This is a 38 year old slender patient who had a previous breast augmentation with saline implants in early 2000’s. She felt that her saline implants were heavy and she did not like where they sat on her chest. We used 335cc Mentor Memorygel High Profile Xtra to maintain her cup size and projection and utilized galaflex to achieve an internal breast lift.


*The reviews listed are from actual patients of Music City Plastic Surgery. Individual results may vary. Reviews are not claimed to represent results for everyone.