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mom-at-beach-teaserCalling all Moms! If we asked for a show of hands to see how many Moms love their babies but maybe don’t love the changes pregnancy made to their bodies, our guess is that almost every Mom’s hand would go up. Some of the most common post-pregnancy complaints we see in our Nashville Plastic Surgery office involve the breasts and the belly. Terms like “pancake breasts” or “fried eggs” are used and “prune belly” and a persistent “pooch” are used to describe the changes to the abdomen. These issues can all be addressed with a Nashville Mommy Makeover.


The loose skin of the breast is often addressed with a breast lift, with or without an implant. If you notice sagging breast tissue or skin after pregnancy, or a shift of the majority of the breast tissue you had before pregnancy to a location below the breast fold, you are likely a candidate for a Nashville Breast Lift. I like to use a conservatively sized implant to restore some upper portion breast fullness, without going overboard. The breast lift is mainly a tailoring operation where excess skin is removed and the breast made shapelier. The nipple position is the main determinant of success with the lift. The nipple is lifted to a new, elevated position and the excess skin is removed as the breast is tailored. Since some of the breast tissue is removed in order to make room for the nipple elevation, the breast can lose some of its substance. And since many patients who are candidates for breast lift surgery have also lost the fullness of their cleavage, an appropriately sized implant will restore the upper breast fullness and cleavage.


A Tummy Tuck offers women relief from the overhang that often persists in the abdominal region after childbirth. Basically the extra skin and fat between the belly button and pubic region is removed and the area above the belly button is moved downwards like a window shade. Any stretch marks and wrinkling of the skin below the belly button are completely removed and thrown in the trash. (Which is EXACTLY where we all want our excess skin and fat to go!) The belly button is brought out through a new incision in the “window shade” and sewn into place. The result is a flatter abdomen and removal of the excess skin and fat.


A Mommy Makeover is specifically tailored to each patient. For one Mom, it could be a Breast Augmentation to restore lost volume in the breasts after breastfeeding. For another, it could be a Tummy Tuck to remove sagging skin and stretch marks. Or, it can be a combination of procedures such as Breast Lift with Augmentation and a Tummy Tuck with liposuction. Every pregnancy is different and pregnancy affects every patient differently. A Mommy Makeover can be life changing and allow a woman to regain her confidence after so many years of sacrifice for her children. These are some of our happiest patients. For pricing information or to schedule a personal consultation, contact us.

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