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If you're experiencing pain or hardness in your breasts following a breast augmentation, you may be experiencing capsular contracture. Capsular contracture is the thickening of scar tissue that surrounds a breast implant, causing pain and discomfort. Thankfully, our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Burgdorf offers capsulectomy in Nashville, TN, to help relieve your pain.

What Is a Capsule?

When you get a breast augmentation, your body forms a protective layer of scar tissue around the implants; the capsule. This capsule is usually thin, soft, and unnoticeable and is a normal response of the body to implants. (The same happens with orthopedic hardware for instance). For some, the capsule can thicken, feel firm, and become painful as it tightens around the implants. This inflammatory condition is known as capsular contracture and most likely results from a chronic bacterial presence around the implants.

Symptoms of Capsular Contracture

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you may have capsular contracture:

  • Pain in the breast
  • Misshapen breast
  • Firmness or tightness
  • Cold breast
  • Asymmetry of the breast.

Getting a Capsulectomy

A capsulectomy is the treatment option for capsular contracture and removes the scar tissue surrounding your breast implants. Removing this scar tissue can relieve the pain associated with the condition. 

Depending on your case, we may recommend a total capsulectomy (en bloc or complete) or a subtotal or partial capsulectomy. A total capsulectomy is where our surgeon removes your breast implant and entire capsule of scar tissue. This can be removed in one combined specimen with an En Bloc capsulectomy (like a block) or as two or more specimens with implant first, then capsule lining after in a complete total capsulectomy. In both scenarios, the entire capsule is removed from the patient. A subtotal capsulectomy removes only the part of the capsule that is thickened or hard. After the scar tissue is removed, our surgeon may replace your implants. 

If you are experiencing pain or hardness in your breast following breast augmentation, contact our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Burgdorf for a one-on-one consultation.

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