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What Is the Galaflex Scaffold in Nashville, TN?

Also known as the “internal bra”, this “next generation” supportive lattice made from naturally occurring biopolymers holds your breast implants securely in place. Biopolymers? If you recall high school biology class, a polymer is simply a group of molecules or the building blocks that make up the body’s tissues. In the field of medicine, these strong, synthetic polymers have been long used to produce dissolvable sutures and in many medical applications and devices.

The Galaflex scaffold in Nashville, TN is approved by the FDA for plastic and reconstructive surgery – is made from an enhanced “super” biopolymer known as P4HB. This remarkable compound is surgically placed by Dr. Burgdorf to secure and support the breast implants as your body heals AND as the breast’s surrounding soft tissues are naturally repaired and replaced. Once the surgical area is fully healed, the Galaflex scaffold simply breaks down into carbon dioxide and water.  These are then reabsorbed into the bloodstream, leaving behind tissue that is stronger than before.

Galaflex Scaffold for the Optimal Surgical Outcome

In addition to its ability to effectively reinforce the soft tissues and hold implants in place during the healing process, the Galaflex scaffold has many other benefits, including…

  • The reinforcing scaffold made from these rugged P4HB polymers actually makes the breast’s soft tissues 5-10 times stronger, which means more successful, long-lasting outcomes
  • The Galaflex scaffold in Nashville, TN has magnified durability properties, which means that the material doesn’t break down and become reabsorbed before your tissues are fully repaired and healed – making this proprietary scaffolding product ideally suited for many medical applications
  • Less external scarring due to the polymer’s enhanced ability to support and strengthen the breast tissues
  • Its low bacterial occurrence –unlike previously manufactured surgical scaffolds – decreases the risk of infection
  • The material’s highly elastic and pliable properties mean that the scaffold is available in many shapes and sizes to work with your unique body shape

Ask Why the Galaflex Scaffold in Nashville, TN Is Today’s Best Choice for Cosmetic Breast Procedures

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