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Find Your Transformation
Your Unparalleled Plastic Surgery Experience

In today’s competitive job market, looking tired, stressed or older than your years can significantly impact the trajectory of your career. Though your looks may not affect your job performance directly (although, a boost in self-confidence does wonders!), your appearance is proven to influence how others perceive and interact with you in the workplace, even possibly determining your salary. That’s when plastic surgery comes into play.

And, if you’re one of the increasing numbers of Americans choosing to continue working well past the traditional retirement age, it’s more important than ever to look and feel your best to successfully compete with younger generations. That’s why so many professionals today are turning to plastic surgery to refresh their appearance and give their careers a much-needed boost. [Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed for all patients, as outcomes and experience will vary based on each unique, individual person.]

If you feel like your appearance—and career—could use a little rejuvenation, consider these five plastic surgery procedures ideal for men and women alike:


For those looking to virtually “turn back the clock,” a facelift—whether performed alone or combined with other procedures—may be for you. In addition to making sagging facial skin appear more taught and youthful, a facelift can also address loose neck skin, jowls and those pesky crease lines around the nose, mouth and chin that often make us appear much older than we feel.

Eyelid Lift

Our eyes are often the first feature people notice about us; and if yours appear droopy or sleepy, they could be holding you back in both your professional and personal life. If your eyes could use a little “brightening,” consider an eyelid lift, plastic surgery meant to make you appear more rested and alert by treating loose skin, wrinkles, puffiness and bags around your eyes.


If the size and shape of your nose is distracting to others or detracting from your own self-assurance, a rhinoplasty (aka “nose job”) addresses nose size, shape, width and symmetry with the goal of improving your profile. Whether you’ve had a lifelong struggle with the appearance of your nose, or it’s the result of a more recent injury, a rhinoplasty can provide the career-boosting confidence you need by bringing harmony and balance to your features.

Breast reduction

A breast reduction is a common and valuable plastic surgery procedure for women and men! For the large percentage of men who suffer from gynecomastia (enlarged breasts), a breast reduction can empower you to take your career to the next level. Imagine power suits simply fitting better, knowing you look just as good as the rest of the 20-somethings in the boardroom, and even wearing cotton shirts on the golf course without hesitation.

For women, a breast reduction is not only a matter of improving their appearance, but of reducing physical discomfort, including back, neck and shoulder pain from the weight of overly large breasts. In these cases, the goal of a breast reduction surgery would be to improve your comfort and enjoyment of daily life, in addition to your figure and self-confidence.


The new kid on the block, Kybella® is not surgery but an injectable treatment that actually destroys fat cells under the chin with the goal of diminishing your double chin and improving your profile. Kybella® is considered a “lunchtime procedure” that offers similar, long-lasting results to liposuction without the same recovery downtime—an especially important consideration for today’s professionals.


Bonus: Botox®

While we’re talking about injectables, I can’t forget Botox®! Perhaps the most popular appearance-enhancing choice of modern professionals, Botox® offers a range of career-boosting benefits, such as the ability to perform under pressure without signs of anxiousness, reduction in sweating and a more youthful and rejuvenated look.


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*The reviews listed are from actual patients of Music City Plastic Surgery. Individual results may vary. Reviews are not claimed to represent results for everyone.