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lytera_skinmedicaIt is commonly referred to as dark spots, sun spots, liver spots, or age spots and is the darkening of an area of skin caused by increased melanin. Why does this happen? The process of hyperpigmentation is actually your body trying to protect the skin’s DNA from damage and mutation – whether it is protecting the skin from UV rays or inflammation caused by a wound or acne.

Hyperpigmentation can also occur when the estrogen levels and hormones fluctuate causing the all-so-familiar “pregnancy mask.” Protection from the sun’s UV rays is vital in keeping hyperpigmention under control; however, sunscreen alone will not diminish nor reduce the appearance of those frustrating spots.

Specialty products such as lighteners and brighteners are very helpful when it comes to getting rid of hyperpigmentation. Lytera by SkinMedica is a specialty product to use at home that will effectively reduce the appearance of skin discoloration and dark spots to help create a more even skin tone.


Although Lytera Skin Brightening Complex is a hydroquinone free* product, clinical results show similar efficacy to 4% hydroquinone showing results in as early as 4 weeks with continued results seen over time. Lytera is gentle enough to use on your skin everyday to help you maintain a beautiful hyperpigmentation-free, even skin tone year-round. Use Lytera mornings and evenings after cleansing, to the face, neck, and chest (or other affected areas). Do not use if pregnant or lactating. Using a specialty product, such as Lytera, along with professional facial treatments performed by your aesthetician you will be able to do away with hyperpigmentation and maintain a smooth, bright skin tone.

Always remember to use sunscreen as the final product in your everyday regimen. Treatments such as exfoliating, chemical peels, and microdermabrasions can help reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

*Source: Clinical efficacy and safety of a multimodality skin brightener composition compared to 4% hydroquinone. J Drugs Dermatol. 2012 Dec

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