Avoid The Scary "Filler Look"

Halloween is coming at the end of the month. So, it's time to start thinking about all the costumes for our children, and for ourselves, if we’ve got a party to go to. I've always loved Halloween. The candy, the Jack O'Lanterns, the pumpkin pies. Seeing the kids get all excited about the candy and the costumes is just great.  I love hearing my boys go through the thought process of which costume to choose. This is a big decision. After all, you only get so many chances to pick that "perfect" costume. Of course, I always have my standard joke that comes in so useful at this time of year. You know, the one about not wearing that hideous mask before Halloween night. My kids just groan when I begin...

But, it did get me thinking about masks and how some of the results out there from plastic surgery can look fake, plastic, or unnatural, especially with facial fillers.  There have been myriad advances in the facial plastic surgery world over just the past few years. Different ways to approach a facelift, fat transfers and facial fillers have gained popularity. So how can you avoid having your face look like a Halloween mask after facial rejuvenation with filler?

I think the easy answer comes down to 4 factors:

Board Certification

Experience of the Injector

Choosing the Correct Procedure


Board certification in a specialty that deals with facial anatomy is paramount importance when considering any facial rejuvenation intervention. Plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery, occuloplastic surgery and dermatology are the “core” specialties that are trained appropriately in this field. Cosmetic surgeons may not all be board certified in one of these specialties, but instead may have taken a weekend course to get their certification. To be board certified, a doctor must go through a standardized training program and then pass a series of extensive tests specific to their specialty. To be board certified from the American Board of Plastic Surgery, of which I am, requires at least 3-5 years of surgical training and an additional 2-3 years training specialized in plastic surgery. An exam covering the whole spectrum of plastic surgery consisting of 400 questions must be passed. Then a series of oral examinations must be satisfactorily completed as well, where a doctor is examined on surgical technique, decision making and ethics.  There truly is a difference between this lengthy process and a short weekend course; truly a difference between a board certified plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon. It might make the difference in showing up as the Princess versus the Mummy on Halloween night.

Injector experience is also an important factor to consider when choosing someone to administer your facial filler.  While it is not a requirement to have a medical license to administer filler, I believe choosing an individual with intimate knowledge of the anatomy in which they are working is important. This knowledge isn’t acquired overnight. Experience using the specific facial filler types is also a must to prevent coming out of the office looking like you had a run in with a Vampire or a Zombie.

Choosing the correct procedure for your individual face is key when considering facial fillers. If a toxin is needed, but a filler administered, you might end up looking like a Marshmallow Man.  Choose an individual who will take the time to evaluate you before injecting. You don’t want The Flash zipping you in and out of the room without the proper attention to detail this procedure requires.

Expectations are key when considering facial rejuvenation with fillers. We are not going to turn the Living Dead back into the Prom Queen with one syringe of Restylane. It might take a few syringes to make a difference or maybe even need a facelift.

So this Halloween, if you follow the above guidelines, you are sure not to scare anyone who visits your house for candy. Why not give yourself your own treat this year and giev yourself the gift of facial fillers? While I do love Halloween, if you visit me at Music City Plastic Surgery, I won’t let you leave the office looking fake and scary like a Halloween mask. Leave the scariness to our kids.  Trick or Treat!

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