The Burgdorf Boys On A Recent Outing!

With my mommy makeover book coming out next month I started thinking and said to myself… “hey, what about Dad – why should father’s be left out?”  Dad wants to look good too. Well they should, especially with Father’s Day right around the corner.

So what would consist of a “Daddy Makeover” – or as I’ve it seen it written a “Mankover” ( man makeover, not sure I love this phrase)?

Well, let’s work our way from the top down. While my children have certainly added to the salt and pepper nature of my hair, I know other fathers who attribute their hair thinning to the milestones in their children’s lives. One obvious thing that a man can do to restore his good looks is improve the full head of hair on the top of the scalp.

Hair transplantation has become quicker, easier, and less painful than in the past. It can be done with a minimal scar and minimal downtime, with better success and more natural looking results. Hair follicles can be transplanted as a singular unit from one to three hairs at a time, which increases the natural appearance of the transplant. Different devices can now harvest the hair in these units and prevent the need for a strip or patch of hair leaving a long scar on the back of the scalp. Now the “harvest area” is barley noticeable.As we move toward the forehead and the area between the eyes, we notice horizontal wrinkles and “11 lines”, especially as we frown at our kids. That scowl can be softened or erased all together with just a little Botox injection. (Bro-tox!) Since the muscles in the male face are more prominent and stronger than in a female, the dosage of the Botox needs to be increased for an effective result.Just like mom gets up with the baby during the night, often times dad is responsible for this duty as well. Many sleepless nights can take its toll on the aging process for a dad. While sleep can temporarily correct this transient problem, the aging continues. Heavy upper lids, dark circles, and bags under the eyes leave dad looking worn out and tired. Blepharoplasty can often correct this appearance.

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Moving further down the face we come to the nose, a common area for remodeling in men. Aside from constantly smelling pungent odors of his children, a dad can’t really attribute the need for correction for this part of the body to being a father. Nonetheless, a rhinoplasty can help a man achieve a strong masculine appearance seen in the classic Roman nose: a straight line from between the eyes to the tip, devoid of any hump or deviation.

The partner to a sleek nose is of course a strong, square chin. The recessed or round chin can be corrected with a chin augmentation/implant to project a more masculine appearance. A prominent chin actually connotes strength and vitality in the subconscious mind and might lead to more respect from a father’s children. But then again, I don’t think little Johnny is going to clean is room just because dad has a great jawline!Moving on… the chest is another area where men can turn to plastic surgery for improved results. Overabundance of fatty tissue (gynecomastia) can be corrected with liposuction and/or direct excision and a sculpted muscular chest can result. A few push ups are definitely going to help as well.Now while it’s true that a mother gains and loses weight with pregnancy, typically a man just gains the weight. I still prefer to think of this as sympathetic eating, even if my doctor wife disagrees. Either way, overdoing our “sympathy” in this manner can leave many dads a little thicker around the midsection. Liposuction might be able to bring dad back down to his normal “unsympathetic” size – along with laying off the pizza and Oreos.Let’s face it, dads have a tough time with pregnancy and child rearing too. Our bodies take a beating without even carrying a baby inside. It gets beat up from the outside. Like exposure from the hot sun when he’s forced to spend time outdoors watching his children play baseball or football. Or the harsh rain beating down on his head as he has to walk all the way from the parking lot by himself after letting his wife and children off at the restaurant door. Or being forced to expand his midsection by finishing the kids meal just so they won’t feel embarrassed not achieving a “happy plate” and earning dessert.Simply put – us dads have it rough. So show Dad how much he means to you this year and help him take the first step on his Daddy Makeover journey. After all, he deserves it.

Happy Father’s Day!

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