From the beginning of the motherhood process, breasts are majorly impacted by the changes that occur during pregnancy and subsequently while breastfeeding. The number of children you have, how long you breastfeed, how much weight you’ve gained, etc. will play a role in the resulting state of your breasts. I have heard every story imaginable of patients trying various things to prevent and minimize these changes, with no success. The fact is the sagginess, deflation, stretching, etc. is almost inevitable.

While a bra with good support is recommended and can be helpful, it can’t prevent sagging completely. Gravity and genetics take hold. And all the changes that are a normal part of pregnancy contribute. Even if you weren't able, or decided not to breastfeed, the natural swelling and deflating that occurs in the cycle of motherhood will change your breasts. Many women come to the end of pregnancy, excited to get “their body back” only to realize that they're not really getting back what they started with.  

So, What Now?

All women can agree they wouldn’t trade anything for their children; however, there is a way to help mom restore the body she sacrificed to introduce life into the world.* Women always have a pretty clear idea of what they are looking for when looking to restore their breasts. During the consultation, I’m able to determine the best procedures needed based on the complaints of the patient. I’ll typically ask patients to give me an idea of how they feel about their breasts. Common responses I hear are:

“I just want them to look like they used to.”“I can’t stand them.”“I don’t even recognize them anymore.”“I hate them.” How do you feel about the size of your breasts?“They’ve disappeared.”“They’re two different sizes.”“They’re too large and droopy.”“They look awful.”

There are a number of procedures to be considered, including breast augmentation (adjusting size and shape), breast lift (known as mastopexy), combined breast lift with augmentation, breast reduction, and nipple reduction/areolar reduction/nipple inversion correction. 

Whatever you are hoping to accomplish, we can help you determine the right solution for you. Contact us at Music City Plastic Surgery to learn more about the different procedures offered, what to expect, or how to take the next step!

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