The truth behind plastic surgery is quite the opposite of this quote.

The first word that comes to mind when I read this statement is ignorance. There are several women and even men who are highly educated members of society that choose to have plastic surgery daily.

Why would a sophisticated CEO of a fortune 500 company want a facelift? Or why would an educated high school teacher decide to have a breast augmentation? And what in the world would influence the stay-at-home, Mom of two, to have a tummy tuck?

The answer is simple, transparent actually. It makes them feel better about their appearance.

It can give a woman a boost of confidence that she may have never experienced before. A cosmetic surgery can give the Mom of two her pre-baby body back that exercise alone can’t fix.

You can exercise day after day and have a very healthy diet, but that won’t get rid of the extra skin and stretch marks that may come with being pregnant.

A breast reconstruction surgery can give the survivor of breast cancer a chance to feel like a woman again. And that CEO we mentioned earlier? She can take hold of the youth she felt as though she lost so long ago. There are countless reasons why plastic surgery is considered by millions of people each year. It is their choice. And, with all due respect, that gives no person of any educational status the right to place judgment on the procedure they desire, or the reasons why they choose it.


We have some of the most educated women, by degree (like doctors, lawyers, CEOs, judges, pharmacists, etc.) and by life (like teachers, coaches, bartenders, hairdressers, business owners, designers, MOMs) who visit us for plastic surgery every month. So please, don’t allow yourself to be so naive to think that uneducated women are the only women who consider plastic surgery.

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