As I’ve addressed in previous posts, mommy makeovers involve surgery – which is a significant event to undergo – and if you’re married, you won’t be undergoing it alone.  Even though your body is your own, and ultimately anything you do is your decision…many patients want to make sure their spouse is supportive and on board with their desire to undergo one or more of the mommy makeover procedures.

Starting the Conversation

First and foremost, you need to get permission from yourself to do something for yourself.  When you’ve decided this is something you want , talk to those closest to you, which will more than likely include your spouse.  Most times spouses are incredibly supportive – after all, the results both physically and emotionally are a benefit for them as well.  However, it can be a significant change, and logistically it will require the support of those closest to you.

One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give you is to not assume how your spouse will react to you; instead, bring up your desires, which will involve a certain amount of vulnerability, and in turn, be willing to listen to their initial concerns or thoughts.

The Spousal Response

There can be a number of reasons someone is initially nervous about their wife getting a mommy makeover – the most common reason?  Their wife’s safety.  Truly, they want to make sure that their loved one will be safe going through these procedures and through the healing process. It’s tough for men to watch our wives go through pain, for which there is nothing we can do. For instance, I hated watching my wife go through labor - I couldn’t do anything about those pains, which I was reminded often that I helped cause!

From our experience, we find that once a husband knows his wife will be well  taken care of and will remain safe, he is on board with the Mommy Makeover.  This is often achieved when I have personal consultations with the couple where I walk through the relevant procedures, what to expect and offer examples.

My desire (and any good, qualified surgeon in this area) is to make this process an amazing one for you and a manageable one for those who are supporting you.  Talk to your loved ones, they will want to hear your desires, they will want you to be happy, and we’ll help them understand how best to support you.

To learn more about The Mommy Makeover and what to expect from it, click here.

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