While today is election day, and we may not all agree who we should vote for to be the next president, I think we can all agree on one vote…to vote for our own beauty.  Either way we look at it, a vote to increase our beauty is a vote to increase our happiness.

A vote for beauty has no distractions about emails or boisterous talk or arrogance or taxes. A vote for beauty is not a choice between left and right or between right and wrong or between man and woman. A Vote For Beauty is a vote against ugliness.

Beauty Defined

In order to vote for beauty I think it’s important that we define beauty. Certainly beauty can be external. And, as a plastic surgeon this would be the most self-serving definition. However beauty is much more than skin deep. We find that real beauty is manifest from the inside out.  From how we treat people to how we think, beauty is expressed in our thoughts, our words, and our actions. Typically when one acts with this type of beauty, it is hard not to see this internal beauty shine externally.

However, the reverse can be true as well. Think about someone you have a physical attraction to, and when you get to know them better they are exposed as a selfish, arrogant, condescending individual. That initial physical attraction you had due to the specific external attributes loses its value because the inner ugliness shines through.

Even if a person does not have the most physically appealing characteristics, a beautiful inner being typically shines through. Think of an individual who you may not have been initially attracted to, but once you get to know them as a person, they become more endearing. When a person is beautiful inside, this will typically work itself out.

Some of the most beautiful people I know have such amounts of inner beauty that it is expressed through their physical attributes. (Incidentally, these are my favorite people to work with because my results are nearly guaranteed).

We can all be beautiful… A quick trip to the plastic surgeon can help with the outer beauty but working on our inner self takes work that no surgeon can fix.

This Election Day, I encourage each of you to Vote For Beauty. Spend some time on your inner beauty (it’ll make my job easier) and let me help you with your external beauty.


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