Mom, does your New Year’s resolution involve a Mommy Makeover, a way to create a “new you”? Some of us want to hit the reset button, or rewind button, to a time when we were our better selves, maybe to a time before we had children.   For patients coming into my office considering restoring their body after childbirth, I like them to contemplate two major questions.

1. What are my Dreams ?

2. What are my Limitations?


What’s Your Dream?

I encourage all mothers I meet to explore their dreams. What would your ideal body look like? I like to have my patients think back to a time when they felt confident, self-assured, sexy. I have them explore this memory in depth. Where were they? What was the occasion? What were they wearing? Who were they with? How did they look?

I ask them to compare that to now. What has changed? What would they like different? I ask them to imaging themselves looking in the mirror and happily see the reflection staring back at them. What would it take to get that feeling back in them? Would this involve a Mommy Makeover? In what way specifically?

Now, I realize all these questions can’t be answered in a bubble, alone, and without support and guidance. Of course, these questions will have to be answered within the context of your life. That’s where the next set of questions come in.


What Are Your Limitations?


Plastic surgery, especially a mommy makeover, is a big decision, one you should not enter into flippantly. I work closely with my patients to help them distinguish the difference between their desires and what’s appropriate and possible for a mommy makeover, to understand the benefits and some potential challenges that are in store for them.

Are you ready mentally and emotionally for this change in your life? How do you feel about plastic surgery in general? Can and will you give yourself permission to actually have a mommy makeover? Is the timing right? Do you plan to have more children? Is it safe? Can combination procedures of a mommy makeover be performed on you? How will you pay for your mommy makeover?


In the coming weeks, I’ll give you some tips and tools to answer some of these questions. I assure you, they can and will be answered. But it will take a little work on your part. Through this blog, which will excerpt part of my #1 Amazon Best Selling book, The Mommy Makeover: Restoring Your Body After Childbi

rth, I can give you generalities and guidelines, sharing some of my experiences dealing with mothers just like yourself. But, to make this applicable for you, for your Mommy Makeover, you have to think through these questions. I encourage you to plan some quiet time, alone, to ponder these thoughts above. Easier said than done, I understand. But, trust me, when you do it, your vision for your transformation will be that much clearer.

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