While it’s true a Mommy Makeover may have physical side effects specific to the procedures involved, Mommy Makeover surgeries are likely to have other side effects as well. These involve the mental and emotional realm and may not always be considered before going under the knife. These often neglected side effects can have an even more profound impact on your life than the physical ones because they can be much longer lasting. They will typically involve your inner psyche and your involvement with others.

Mommy Makeover is a True Transformation

The first far reaching side effect involves your inner being; how you feel and think about yourself. As your outer body is changed, this can have profound impact on how you view yourself totally. This can be completely transformational. You will likely begin to picture yourself in a new light. Your confidence will be increased, you’ll carry yourself a bit differently and your belief in your own unique abilities may even be expanded.  With a Mommy Makeover, for some, an obstacle holding you back from achieving your full potential has been removed. For others, confidence is restored because a preoccupation with a certain body part is removed. I’ve seen patients who, after their Mommy Makeover surgery, were able to have the confidence to ask for a raise or to even start their own business. Other moms have told me they were able to be better mothers after their surgery. A Mommy Makeover can be truly transformational for your emotional well-being, leading to good things in your life and your career.

Your Decisions Effect Others

When you decide to commit to a Mommy Makeover, you will get differing responses from those around you. Some will celebrate with you realizing the good decisions you have made for yourself. They can anticipate how this will not only change your outer appearance, but also your inner beauty. Others will question you and the decisions you have made. This may because of their perspective and/or age ( as in an elderly generation who didn’t have the opportunity for their own Mommy Makeover) or because of their lack of education regarding the procedures.  Be aware that you may or may not be able to change these perspectives.

Relationships May Change

A Mommy Makeover has the potential to impact your relationships. Some will be pleased for you, some will be critical or even jealous, and some relationships may even be reinvigorated. I’ve had more than a few mothers tell me about how their Mommy Makeover surgery has given a new “spark” to their relationship with their spouses.

These are mental and emotional side effects that  may or may not occur, but just like any of the potential physical side effects, they should be thought about and dealt with before the procedure.

Some questions to ask yourself when considering your own Mommy Makeover:

 Are you mentally and psychologically prepared for making this significant change in your body? Are you ready for the compliments and the new wardrobe? Are you ready for the reactions of those around you?

When considering your Mommy Makeover surgery, you should address the positives and the negatives.  It is best to mentally prepare for all the challenges and the victories that encompass a Mommy Makeover.

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