In a recent People magazine article, Sandra Bullock talked about when she felt (and feels) most beautiful. She said that she felt her best not in any specific role she portrayed on film, but in “the role of mother.” Many of my patients echo these thoughts. Motherhood makes them feel their best inside… but maybe not always on the outside.

As I’ve started to tailor my practice a little more toward Mommy Makeovers, I now deal with moms on a regular basis. Often, these women feel beautiful on the inside, but less so on the outside, in their appearance.

When we discuss areas of concern to address, the conversation inevitably turns towards pregnancy, breast feeding, and the children. The sacrifice, the giving, the selflessness towards their family and kids from the many moms who are my patients is truly awe inspiring. They have devoted their bodies and lives to their children. The more I talk to these women, the more I realize the great battle they go through with themselves in order to make it into my office. To give themselves permission to pursue an information gathering consultation, let alone surgery, takes a near act of congress.

Thoughts of selfishness, shame, and self doubt persist. Ideas of how the money can be better spent than on a Mommy Makeover are ever present. However, these brave women are committed to being and feeling healthy – for themselves. These smart moms know that if they are healthy and happy for themselves, by extension, it will be healthy for their family and their children. As the old saying goes, “if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy “

I believe the decision to undergo a mommy makeover is a healthy, thoughtful choice made by a mom who is aware of her options. Does she need surgery? Maybe no, maybe yes. But this should be her decision. Should she feel like she needs surgery in order to be beautiful? Absolutely not. Just by being a mom, by definition, she is beautiful already. Can surgery help her match her inner beauty with her outer appearance? Hopefully.

If the question about matching the inner beauty with the outward appearance comes up in your mind, please consider visiting a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options. But, I will reiterate once again, just by being a mom, by definition, you are beautiful already. I’m sure your kids agree.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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