If you are like us, you have a calendar full of Christmas Parties and New Year’s Eve shenanigans that your skin has to be looking fabulous for! Our Nashville Plastic Surgery aesthetic team has put together a list of at home remedies, medical treatments, and medical grade products to help you look stunning at all of your holiday appearances. You can thank us later ?


First and foremost, make sure you are getting all of the dirt, oil, dead skin, and debris up and off of that beautiful skin of yours. We absolutely love the Mia2 by Clarisonic. It uses a swinging motion to gently, yet thoroughly cleanse your skin of all of the unwanted dirt, oil, and dead skin that can pile up and cause your makeup to go on uneven. This ultrasonic cleansing brush is not only cleansing, but generating blood circulation to give you the radiant glow we are all looking to achieve!


After your skin is looking fresh from using your Mia2, you want to give your make-up a little help. Skin Medica’s Vitamin C+E Complex is a silicone-based serum that delivers vitamins C and E into your skin to protect and correct the free-radical damage of the harsh winter weather, while doubling as the perfect primer for your holiday make-up.


The dry heat inside is sucking the life out of your skin. Our favorite way to give your skin a drink of hydration is Skin Medica’s Dermal Repair. Loaded with antioxidants and intense hydrating ingredients, Dermal Repair is our go-to  hydrator for colder weather. With hydrated skin, you will have a radiant glow, your skin will appear more full, and you can avoid that harsh winter flake that always seems to sneak up on us- without warning, might I add!


Skin brightening serums such as Skin Medica’s Lytera is an incredible product to even skin tone and remove pesky pigmentations before the ugly sweater party that EVERYONE is attending. This simple and effective serum works to dramatically reduce the appearance of dark spots (aka- sun spots), and make a visible difference in skin tone and texture. You will indeed have the brightest skin in the room!


Ease your fine lines and wrinkles with a neurotoxin such as Botox that will leave you looking younger and well-rested! While Botox relaxes the facial muscles that you are using all day and reduces the “force” that causes the fine lines and wrinkles to appear, it is are also working to prevent current fine lines from becomong deep wrinkles that may later require filler to help disguise. For best results, schedule your Botox appointment at least 7-10 days before your big event to give your treatment time to take effect.


Nashville Filler injections are becoming the most popular clinical treatment before a big event. Whether you are looking to fill in deeper wrinkles around the nose and mouth, get a subtle and instant lift of the mid-face, or you are wanting mistletoe-ready lips, scheduling your Dermal Filler appointment at least 5-7 days before your event should allow ample time for swelling and/or bruising to subside.


Music City Plastic Surgery Nashville is now offering the HydraFacial. HydraFacial Nashville uses a patented Vortex technology to remove dead skin cells, loosen dirt and debris, provide painless extractions with the Vortex vacuum, and hydrate with antioxidants to nourish and protect your skin. This treatment can be done in 30 minutes, and on your lunch hour!  What’s the best part about this incredible facial treatment?  YOU CAN HAVE IT THE SAME DAY as your party and look absolutely fabulous! Yep, that’s right-no down time required. Many celebrity plastic surgery patients such as Paris Hilton, Beyonce and others love having a Hydrafacial before a red carpet event for a dewy glow and flawless appearance to the skin.

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