Every Fall, many of us can’t wait to taste the flavor of the season, Pumpkin Spice Latte. I know some people that will change their whole morning commute in order to enjoy that delicious flavor that comes about each Autumn. What if we could anticipate something in our beauty regimen with such gusto? What if there was one thing we could do once a year to help stave off Father time? Well, facial fillers may be just the answer.


Facial fillers, like Juvederm and Restylane, are gels that not only fill in specific wrinkles in our faces, but can offer some lifting effect as well. In fact, the newer fillers Restylane Lyft and Volume from Juvederm are indicated to do just that: lift the cheeks.  By using  these fillers to lift the cheeks and rebuild the foundation of our upper faces, oftentimes the jowls are elevated resulting in a much younger appearance. The exciting thing about these facial fillers is that they can last for a year or longer.

Facial fillers like Voluma and Lyft last longer because of two reasons. The gels are thicker and take longer to be broken down by the body’s natural metabolism. The placement of these gels is deeper than the fillers used to focus on specific superficial lines and wrinkles throughout the face. These fillers are placed directly adjacent to bone, in effect rebuilding the foundation of the face.  Because of the deeper location, movement in this area, which encourages breakdown of the product, is lessened. These newer facial fillers can be effective for up to a year or longer. That makes it so much easier to remind ourselves when our filler appointment in necessary.

This year, and next, when you find yourself inhaling that enticing aroma of the pumpkin and spice, bring your latte on over to Music City Plastic Surgery for your filler treatment. You’ll not only enjoy that good cup of coffee, you’ll look even better doing it. Also, I bet you’ll see me with my coffee cup in hand as well.

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