A Mommy Makeover can be different things to different patients. Typically, a mommy makeover involves a tummy tuck and a breast procedure, such as a lift and/or augmentation. Occasionally, liposuction or fat transfer or facial fillers are added depending upon the patient’s desires. Surgery may take up to 5 -6 hours.

Obviously, with more surgery, more recovery is needed. However, it is not a 1+1=2 phenomenon. It can be more of a 1+1=1.5. The part that typically affects people most are the muscle tightening in the abdomen (for tummy tuck) and elevation of the chest muscle in the breast augmentation. Pain medication and muscle relaxants are used for this. Most times, about 2 weeks is what it takes to feel somewhat back to normal.

The length of recovery will vary depending on the specific procedures involved in your personal Mommy Makeover. I find it is most helpful to break down the recovery by procedure, and whichever procedure has the longest recovery time will be what patients can expect.


Mommy makeover patients who have an abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, the recovery time is typically about two to three weeks. After tummy tuck surgery, drains are placed to help reduce the amount of fluid accumulated under the skin. These drains will need to be emptied about two or three times per day, depending on the fluid output. The amount of fluid emptied each time does need to be recorded and brought to each post op appointment until those drains are removed. During the first few days of healing, you may want to have someone help you empty the drains and record the output. The drains are usually removed within 10 days of surgery, but do need to be left in longer in some cases. Most patients prefer to return to work after the drains have been removed. It is very important to move around frequently the first two weeks after having tummy tuck surgery to prevent blood clots from forming. This should be very mild physical activity for the first few days to a few weeks. You may resume your daily routine as you feel comfortable, limiting any abdominal exercise and heavy lifting for 8 weeks after surgery.


If you desire to correct breast sagging or deflation, you may need a Breast Lift. Breast lift recovery time is typically ten days to two weeks, after which time many patients are able to return to work (depending on activity level in their job). The most intense pain has usually subsided after about 3-5 days and most patients are able to transition off the pain medication and over to something like Ibuprofen for pain.

If your Breast Lift includes a Breast Augmentation to restore lost volume, the most intense pain comes from the chest muscle being lifted for implant placement. Again, the worst of the pain is usually lessened after the first few days and many patients describe it as muscle soreness for a few weeks after surgery. Heavy lifting should be limited for several weeks following surgery. I let my patients shower 48 hours after surgery and that goes a long way toward feeling better and more like themselves.

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