For many women, breasts can be a fundamental part of feeling like a woman. Some have a desire to achieve a size and shape that hasn’t come naturally, while others have seen the utility of their breasts take center stage through the experience of motherhood. Regardless of your motivations for undergoing breast augmentation, plastic surgery can help correct or adjust their size, remove the appearance of stretch marks, and/or make adjustments to the nipple or areola. Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed for all patients, as outcomes and experience will vary based on each unique, individual person. Read our full disclaimer here.

Saline & Gel Implants

If you’ve chosen to undergo breast augmentation, you’ll find that implants fall into two basic categories: the saline implant and the gel implant. The saline has a silicone shell, similar to a rubbery balloon, that we fill with sterile salt water (saline) to the desired level of fullness.

The gel implant offers two different forms: cohesive and form-stable gels. They are both made from a silicone shell like the saline implants, but they’re each filled with a different type of medical-grade silicone gel. Cohesive gels have been improved recently with a thicker consistency than in the past and stay together better if there is a rupture. The makeup of the form-stable type is even thicker. They’re nicknamed “gummy bears” because their consistency is very much like that of the candy. When you squeeze the form-stable gel, it bulges out a little bit, but when you release the pressure, it springs back to its normal shape. The “gummy bears” are initially a bit firmer than the cohesive gel implants, but they soften with time inside the body.

Which is Better?

When women give the saline and gel implants the “feel test,” the vast majority say, “The saline feels like a water balloon, and the gel feels more natural.” Which is right for you? That depends. The saline implant is often used for a more augmented look. They are less expensive but have a higher risk of problems (rupture, rippling, looking too fake, and a tight scar around the implant known as a capsular contracture). The gels, on the other hand, look and feel more natural, resist the rippling, and last longer, with less risk of complications overall.* I often prefer to use the form-stable “gummy bears” for several reasons. Form-stable gel implants are anatomically shaped like a teardrop, a shape that is meant to be maintained no matter your position (standing, lying, or doing headstands) and have a better resemblance to normal, natural-looking breasts.

When it comes time for you to visit with us – or your chosen plastic surgeon – you’ll have the opportunity to talk about these types of implants in relation to your specific body, expectations, and desires…helping you ultimately make the best decision for you.

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