It’s a sad fact of life: even though we care for ourselves, are diligent with exercise, and watch what we eat, inevitably, our skin give us away. Fine lines around our mouths, thinning lips, lip lines, and laugh lines are certainly nothing to smile about.

Maybe your complaint is dark circles and puffiness under your eyes; no matter how much sleep you get, you look tired. When we work so hard to keep the effects of aging at bay, why do our faces insist on telling the world our secret? It certainly seems unfair, but unfortunately, it’s part of the natural slowdown that takes place within our bodies as we grow older.

Over time, our faces lose volume as our bodies slow production of substances like elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. This slowdown causes our faces to lose their youthful plumpness and can make us look saggy and draggy.

You may have considered surgery to repair time’s damage but dismissed it. Maybe you don’t like the notion of surgery or can’t cram the downtime surgery requires into your busy schedule. If only you could “plump up” those problem areas, and smooth out those tiresome, aging creases and lines quickly and safely without committing to days or weeks of recovery.

Enter Restylane®! This injectable facial filler is meant to diminish wrinkles and lines in your face, and to bring back volume where you want it. Restylane® adds volume in two ways: first the gel itself lifts the skin, then the hyaluronic acid attracts and binds with water molecules, providing additional volume. In fact, Restylane® can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, which helps to build up volume in the skin. With a skin injection of Restylane®, the missing youthful fullness in your face and lips can be restored, leaving behind a fresher and younger appearance without surgery.

Restylane® treatments are done in the office, and downtime is minimal. One or more injections of the gel will be given during a treatment, depending on your unique needs. It typically takes about a week for the full effects of the injections to be seen. The effects of a treatment last from about six to nine months, depending on the area treated (almost twice as long as collagen injections). Side effects are usually mild and temporary: bruising, swelling, and some initial numbness. These side effects usually disappear after a few days.

Restylane® is FDA approved and has been used for more than a decade worldwide. It’s biodegradable and is not sourced from animals. Safe, quick, and effective – what more could you want? Give us a call today, and come in for a consultation. We’ll talk through what you want to accomplish and come up with a plan just for you. There’s no reason to settle for looking less than your best and thanks to Restylane®, you don’t have to.

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