Dreams Can Come True At Music City Plastic Surgery

Welcome to Hollywood. What’s your dream?

In the movie Pretty Woman, there is a man in the opening credits walking along the street, speaking to no one in particular, welcoming them to Hollywood  and asking about their dream? His line is “Welcome to Hollywood. What’s Your Dream?” January 13 is also known as the Make Your Dream Come True day. In order for this day to be a successful celebration of its name sake, we have to take a few important steps. We need to look at our dreams, how we are going to get there and a plan to take action.

It all starts with that question asked in Pretty Woman:  “What’s your Dream”?

1.  What’s your dream 2. How are you going to achieve it? 3.  Do it. Take action

Mirror mirror on the wall

I like to have my patients look in the mirror and examine what they see. I have them pick out the features they would like to change and then envision what that change would entail.

Figure out the How

Once you figured out your dream, now we have to figure out how to get that done. Where are the obstacle standing in your way to your dreams? What are some steps that you need to take in order to make that happen? For my patients, one of the obstacles is figuring out the exact procedures that are desired and that are yet can safely be accomplished. To do that takes an in person consultation in my office. The timing and the logistics of taking time to recover from surgery have to be worked out as well.  We have found also that a bit of mental preparation helps make the healing go much quicker. Understanding fully what you’re about to embark on, the changes expected, the length of time needed for recovery anticipated, all help to make the postoperative course to go much smoother.

Dreams really do come true… If you make them.

We’ve covered the “what”, the “how”, the only thing left is the action needed to make that dream come true. Dreams without action are just useless. Dreams with action become your reality.  Imagining your new body is a nice thought, but without actually booking the surgery it is likely this transformation will never be accomplished. Without the implants in place, the breasts are not going to get any perkier or any larger. Taking action, actually doing something, is what makes dreams turn into a reality.

This January 13, “Make Your Dreams Come True” day, is geared around the action of making your dreams come true. It is not a hope your dreams come true or wish your dreams come true or pray for your dreams to come true. Today is a make your dreams come true. You got your vision, your plan on how to get there. Now, get after it. Good luck.

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