Is Plastic Surgery For Me?

Plastic surgery has made tremendous progression over the last several years. Technological advancements, innovative ideas and stretching the envelope on technique have all furthered the specialty of plastic surgery. But, the perspective and acceptance by patients has advanced it so much more.


Plastic surgery is no longer something to be embarrassed about. Moms talk about it, work through their decisions openly, share their results, tell their friends. In fact, many of my patients come to me through referrals. They tell their friends, “I was where you are three years ago, and I finally decided to do it. I just wish I would have done it much sooner.” People now don’t worry as much about being thought of as vain or self-centered if they have surgery. Instead, they realize that they’re doing something to make themselves feel better and look better as well. To me, that is a healthy approach to cosmetic surgery.

Our opinions about plastic surgery seems to shaped by 3 main factors:

Our Generation

Our Upbringing

Social Norms

Our Generation: Each generation is faced with challenges unique and different from the previous ones. Each generation has their own accepted “normal”. If you think about music , this can easily be seen. I remember stories of how Elvis’ lower half was blocked from being shown on TV because it was too risque to show. Songs on the radio today are openly talking about sex. Plastic surgery used to be very taboo. Now, it seems with each passing generation, plastic surgery is gaining more and more acceptance. This has been seen most recently with men and plastic surgery.

Our upbringing definitely impacts our views on life and the specifics of life, including plastic surgery. I am hopeful this is the case, especially with the lessons I am trying to teach my children.   Depending upon the environment in which you brought up, your value system and your perspectives on plastic surgery will differ.

Societal norms also impacts our opinion of plastic surgery. The tabloids are full of plastic surgery stories. Recently, however, some celebrities are speaking out in favor of a woman’s choice to undergo plastic surgery. It is hard not to take our cues from the mainstream media regarding such issues as beauty and body image.

While the three factors listed above do in fact shape our opinion of plastic surgery, in the end, plastic surgery will affect YOUR body. You have to think through your own perspectives on plastic surgery because you are the one who gets to live with the beautiful results.

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