We are frequently asked the question, “What is your number one facial cleansing product?” The answer at our Nashville plastic surgery office is always the Clarisonic cleansing brush. Number one. Hands down.

The Clarisonic is a state of the art cleansing brush that oscillates at an ultra sonic speed, lifting the dirt and oil UP and OUT of your skin. Yep, that’s right.

The Clarisonic is literally swinging dirt and oil out of your skin at a frequency of 300 movements per second to lift impurities. It cleanses your skin six times better than you can cleanse your skin using a cleanser and your hands or a wash cloth.  The Clarisonic does not spin or vibrate (unlike the “other” cleansing brushes who claim to be just as good).


Vibrating brushes and spinning brushes, also known as rotary brushes, do not cleanse the skin as they should because of two reasons:  A. Vibrating cleansing brushes pulse. This could, in reality, pump the dirt and oil further into your skin. B. Spinning or rotary brushes are whirling the dirt and oil around and around on your skin’s surface. Neither of these methods is helping remove the impurities, which is the point of the cleansing step in your regimen, correct? Not only does the Clarisonic cleanse your skin like a champ, it will leave your skin smoother, softer, and you will see the vibrant, dewy glow that everyone is in search of. Tons of celebrities are obsessed with the Clarisonic, and many are reported to carry them on tour and while traveling.

The patented oscillating movement makes the Clarisonic gentle enough to use twice daily, including those who may have sensitive skin. The Clarisonic is also water-proof so you can conveniently store and use the cleansing brush in the shower. The Clarisonic cleansing brush can be used with any cleanser.  The Clarisonic now has four different cleansing brushes. While all four cleansing brushes have the sonic oscillating method, they all bring something different to the table.

The “Mia 1, 2, and 3” are all versions of the Clarisionic cleansing brush that each has special features. We carry Clarisonic’s most popular cleansing brush, the Mia 2. The Mia 2 comes with two different speeds; one for delicate skin, and one for all skin types. This particular feature gives the option to serve those who may have delicate areas and areas of their skin that needs a little more attention. It also features a one minute pulsing timer to let you know when it is time to move to the next area to avoid irritation or over cleansing. It is available in several colors and is backed by a two year warranty.


Does your man get razor bumps and ingrown hairs when shaving his beard? The ultrasonic technology of the Clarisonic cleansing brush is great for exfoliating the areas in which he grows a beard to increase cellular turnover and prevent ingrown hairs. Most men would not go through the trouble of doing an exfolation treatment, but the Clarisonic is cleansing and feels like a mini massage for the face, so it’s a win-win!

All three Mia’s are a travel friendly size making it easy to throw in the suitcase or over-night bag.  Many of our patients tell us their Mia goes with them wherever they go, whether it be on vacation, business, one night or one week. Our plastic surgery Nashville office carries Clarisonic products and we honor their 90-Day Warranty.

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