A common question I get from patients is can underwire and poorly fit bras misshape or distort implants? Typically the bra should not affect the position of the implant after augmentation surgery. The pocket dissection is what mainly determines implant positioning. That being said, an ill fitting or overly tight bra could push the implant too much in one direction causing it to heal in a strange position, but that would mean you are wearing this constricting bra continuously throughout your healing cycle over the first six to eight weeks. Not very likely. In my opinion, this does NOT include sports bras. I like sports bras for the support they provide and the extra “hug” of security they offer patients in the healing stages. I have my patients wear a sports bra for a couple of weeks after surgery. With round silicone gel implants, I also have my patients massage the breasts starting one week out from surgery. I believe this softens up the scar that is starting to form and allows the implant to maintain its somewhat mobile positioning (like natural breasts would normally move).

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As far as underwire bras are concerned, the main risk has to do with their effect on the scar. If the incision is  located under the breast, the wires in the bra can rub on the scar. This can lead to irritation and possible raising of the scar. I recommend my patients avoid underwire bras for three months after surgery to allow the scar to mature. I also have my patients start massaging the scar at three weeks to encourage collagen reorganization and overall softening of the scar.

Hope this information helps and please do not hesitate to contact our office with any more questions or concerns.

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